“The great secret of humanity is that people love to do things that help others.”

— Peter Joseph

Sun Robotics MOTTO

Don't be evil and do the right thing.


Easy, comfortable, dignified and joyful life for everybody in our communities.


Contribute together and use technology to solve problems, provide solutions and improve lives.


1. Figure out the needs of people. Select a need and provide products and services to satisfy that need. The help we provide will improve lives.

2. You get an opportunity to show your capabilities, gain confidence in your field and build a career and your résumé. The help you provide will bring you happiness and satisfaction. It’s a fact that only happy and satisfied people succeed in life.

3. When we match people’s needs with services then there is an opportunity for profit. We try to find ways to make some honest profit without placing a burden on the people we are helping.

Money and success is the reward of solving problems.